A local Gym had a competitor who was the “only game in town” when it came to an online presence. I took care of that issue real quick with total integration to Google’s search algorithm. I also found the secret to getting them listed on a Siri search for “fitness gym in Springville, NY”

The WordPress software used as the Content Management System for this business website was configured in a way that allowed easy updating and postings. I trained the staff to manage the data and gave them the keys. I also hooked up a RSS (really simple syndication) feed of the sites postings to Facebook, so they don’t have to post their information twice.

Project included:

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Development/Graphics
  • Photography
  • Plug-ins/Mod Development
  • SEO/Social Media Integration/Public listings
  • Content Management and Publishing
  • Website management training