William Bacon

I’ve coined myself a “Digital Radical” which can be defined as someone who is savvy at all things digital.  My talents start with a camera, and usually end with a video, website, or live stream. I’m self taught with a lot of midnight oil, Google searches, tutorials, and trial and error. I do ask a lot of questions from the experts that I have crossed paths with.  These days it pays to be a sponge, of data that is.  I am happily married to my ski school sweetheart and we have three Bacon-bits.

Quick Timeline:

  • Born and raised in Vista, California. Son of a Marine Corps Drill Instructor
  • Made a life for myself snowboarding around the globe, 1989 to present
  • Married in 1998, raising three Bacon-bits with my beautiful wife (ski school sweethearts)
  • Became a digital media radical back when it came of age in early 2000
  • Started a fellowship with Jesus Christ in 2007
  • Developed and managed a retail click and mortar set of stores
  • Freelance web designer and content creator
  • Marketing Specialist for a company who competed against GoPro
  • 9 years with a Live Stream and Content Capture company.