For 18 years while I lived in this small town in Western New York, I volunteered to work with the Marketing Department, Training Center, and Ski School, in order to promote the Resort.

Doing what you love is so fulfilling, and seeing others share my images or videos on social media as a form of recognition, makes it all worth the time spent.  Promoting a four season resort is all about being there at select times; when the light is right, when the snow is deep, and the event is in full swing.  Capturing that candid shot of a person in their element, or zone, is priceless, because I know that image will be shared with future generations.

Services Included:

  • Marketing Consultation – Online, Youth Market
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Forums (vBulletin)
  • Website Design and Publishing
  • Terrain Park Design and Management