William Bacon - Technical Consultant

Live Stream Director | Photographer | Extreme Sports Dad

Specialties include: Technical Director, Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Video Production, Live Streaming, Photography, Motion Graphics

Below you will find examples of my work.

Green-screen Studio production

Digital Event Director

As a Digital Event Director, my primary role with Digitell, Inc. and then BroadcastMed was to work with their varied clients to successfully translate their production vision into a reality. This included capturing interviews or live streaming events, both in a studio environment or at a venue.

Live Streaming at Mountain Life Church

Mountain Life Church Upgrades

I moved to Park City late May 2020, and because of covid, Church with a mass of people was a no-no!  I connected with Mountain Life Church my 1st week as a member of the body, but by week 2, I became the driver of their life stream production. It was great to find out…

Church Live Streaming Production

After attending Believers Chapel for a few years, I noticed that they were just using one camera to put the sermons online.  So I recommended that we Live Stream their services.  So little by little we added to the production, until the day came where we had to move into a new facility.  Of course…