William Bacon - Technical Consultant

Live Stream Director | Photographer | Extreme Sports Dad

Specialties include: Technical Director, Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Video Production, Live Streaming, Photography, Motion Graphics

Below you will find examples of my work.

Skiing Photography – Slopestyle

Skiing Photography – Slopestyle. Taking action shots of skiers who absolutely shred is a joy for me. It can be hard work, running all over the slope and sometimes in harsh weather. The fruit of all that effort is the still life freeze frame and some poetry in motion! This gallery is of my daughter Bella’s team Agenda Freeski.

Resort Marketing

For 18 years while I lived in this small town in Western New York, I volunteered to work with the Marketing Department, Training Center, and Ski School, in order to promote the Resort.

Product Promo Video

My task: take three stand up paddle boards on vacation with the Bacon family and make a promo video. Sure no problem! These boards are sweet… So beyond the care, set-up, and filming with my DSLR, art direction was given to my model family.

Photography – Marketing for Fitness Center

A Executive and Leadership Coach who owns a fitness center and retreat has had me document her facility and services as she has grown her business. I work with her website and marketing manager to accomplish the creation of sales aids to use on her website, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

Church Live Streaming Production

After attending Believers Chapel for a few years, I noticed that they were just using one camera to put the sermons online.  So I recommended that we Live Stream their services.  So little by little we added to the production, until the day came where we had to move into a new facility.  Of course…

Freestyle Skiing Team Photographer

Action Sports Photography at it’s Best My daughter was raised to ski before she could even talk. The local Holiday Valley Freestyle Team took notice of her and she joined their ski program. Bella was a natural in the moguls and fearless. So I spent years traveling to competitions with the other families. A typical…

One Page Website

One Page Musician Showcase Website

This artist wanted a simple webpage to showcase his music, so we started with a dynamic one page design. One-pagers are ideal for mobile devices because the user just swipes down without having to load any additional pages. On a full screen monitor, the sticky navigation bar adds a smooth scroll effect.

Corporate Website

Corporate Showcase

This corporate website showcases all the services, client testimonials, case studies, and video examples that a large company like Digitell, Inc. can dish out. One of the fun challenges of content creation, is photography and image manipulation.

Boarding for Breast Cancer 2014

Another great event supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer. Special thanks to all of the participants, & to those who donated to B4BC! I shot photos for Holiday Valley in an effort to support this cause.

Winter Storm Dion - 360 degree POV

POV – Point of View

The helmet camera market exploded in 2000, with GoPro coming out as the clear leader. I joined the UK based team of Drift Innovation, a camera company who looked to get a slice of that Billion dollar market. The Drift POV camera went beyond the normal application of a helmet camera.

Moto-X racers

Horse-Power Acres Moto-X Race

Horse-Power Acres Moto-X Race 6-hour race on the track and in the woods. The goal for me was to get as much POV footage for MyPOV360.com as they supplied the cameras. Out of 5 cameras, we ended up losing one to a hard crash. What’s worse is that the memory card flew out and was…

ROME bindings after

Product Graphics Design in Adobe

Seasoned Photographers will say that , “Photoshop is to be used as a chisel, NOT a jackhammer” but in marketing I’d say, “if you can think it, I can do it. And if I cannot do it, I can fake it.”